Aekos_Logo189x80The Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network’s (TERN) Eco-Informatics Facility (University of Adelaide) implemented the Australian Ecological Knowledge and Observation System (ÆKOS); a data infrastructure that is synthesising Australia’s rich ecological data and makes them accessible to the end-user.

According to Eco-Informatics “The ÆKOS system intends to fill the current gap for a national data repository that targets ‘plot-based’ ecological data.”


The online repository contains two types of data, Individual Sites and Surveys/Datasets for whole surveys. By providing a user-friendly online data repository ÆKOS is promoting the re-use of ecological data and enables researcher to work efficiently with the integrated data. To ensure that data sets created using different methods and approaches, classified using different systems and stored using different structures are standardised ÆKOS applies a highly innovative concept embracing semantic technologies.

To submit data to ÆKOS a tool called SHaRED (Submission, Harmonisation and Retrieval of Ecological Data) is provided helping, amongst others, with the creation of structured metadata and license regulations.

eMAST is currently developing its collaboration with ÆKOS and plans to intensify it in the following months.