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The National Computational Infrastructure (NCI) at the Australian National University is Australia’s leading national research computing service. It aims at raising the ambition, impact, and outcomes of Australian research through access to advanced computational and data-intensive methods, support and high-performance infrastructure. eMAST works in close collaboration with the NCI to develop and deploy a continental scale data assimilation system and run landmark land surface models. This computation and storage intensive work is possible thanks to allocated capacities on Australia’s fastest supercomputer, Raijin, located in Canberra.

Raijin, named after the Japanese God of thunder, lightning and storm is Australia's fastest supercomputer. The Fujitsu Primergy high-performance, distributed-memory cluster was funded by the Australian Government through the Super Science Initiative. Raijin's enormous capacities are extensively used for atmospheric and ocean modelling, weather forecasting and water resources management.

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