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eMAST Collaborations

TERN's Ecosystem Modelling and Scaling Infrastructure - eMAST - is supporting a number of Australian research projects. The collaborations range from supporting the development of spatial models or a grape yield predictions tool, to assisting in the establishment of a integrated vertebrate pest management tool.

For a detailed descriptions of the individual projects eMAST is supporting please select the appropriate project from the following list:

The Spatially Explicit Data Discovery, Extraction and Evaluation Service – SPEDDEXES.
The eMAST R-package.
The ecosystem Production in Space and Time (ePiSaT) software.
The Data assimilation project.
The ANUClimate 1.0 spatial model.
The ANUCLIM Vrsn 6.1. software package.
The Protocol for the Analysis of Land Surface models (PALS).
The The Hutchinson Drought Index (or Drought Severity Index) R-package.
The 'Accurate and early yield predictions through advance statistical modelling' project. 
The Macquarie University Major Open Data Collection.
The 'Mapping Bushfire Hazards and Impacts' project.
The 'Including Adaptation in Modelling of Species’ Responses to Climate Change (Genomic Basis for Adaptation to Climate Change)' project.
The 'Key trade-offs maintaining forest diversity' project.
The 'Identifying likely climate refugia and corridors to support species range shifts' project.
The 'An integrated tool for informing pest management: modelling range shifts for an invasive vertebrate in response to climate change' project.
The 'Identifying regions of high drought mortality risk for tree species in NSW' project.