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TITLE   Including Adaptation in Modelling of Species’ Responses to Climate Change (Genomic Basis for Adaptation to Climate Change project)
PARTICIPANTS   CSIRO (Bush, Catullo, Ferrier)
GRANT   Science Industry Endowment Fund
TIMELINE   Mar 2014 – Mar 2016
- Peer reviewed publications
- Models of species adaptive response to climate change
- NCI computational space
- eMAST climate data

As part of the Genomic Basis for Adaptation to Climate Change project, the macroecological modelling team at CSIRO are using the fine-resolution climate data provided by eMAST to tailor more specific environmental predictors of species distributions that reflect environmental tolerances rather than environmental means. These models are then combined with future climate and allow for species’ ability to resist and adapt to environmental change through either existing plastic response or evolved tolerances. By accounting for the potentially changing relationships between species and their environment as climate changes we hope to better understand where species and populations may persist for longer in the landscape.

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