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TITLE Identifying regions of high drought mortality risk for tree species in NSW
PARTICIPANTS Western Sydney University (Medlyn, Tissue, Tjoelker, Rymer, Duursma), Macquarie University (Beaumont, Evans), Office of Environment and Heritage (Auld)
GRANT  Australian Research Council Linkages
TIMELINE  2015 - 2017
- Drought mortality risk maps for representative ecosystem-structuring overstorey species in NSW.
- Vulnerability assessments for each indicator species under multiple climate scenarios.
- NCI computational space

Rising temperatures and changing rainfall patterns due to climate change can cause wide-scale tree deaths, with major consequences for ecosystem services.
Adaptive land management for climate change needs to take account of the risk of drought mortality. The risk varies strongly across landscapes depending on baseline climate, soil resources, and species vulnerability.

This project will quantify the risk of drought mortality for overstorey tree species in New South Wales. We will employ several complementary methods to develop spatial estimates of drought mortality risk under a range of future climate scenarios. This project furthers the project investigators’ existing world-class research into drought impacts on vegetation and enables this research to inform land management and policy in NSW.

For further information on the project contact Belinda Medlyn

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