e-Learning at eMAST


eMAST is committed to equipping researchers, students and others with the skills that will help them to make the most of our infrastructure, and the wide range of other ecosystem data infrastructure on offer through TERN. We offer courses focussing on ecosystem and environmental sciences, the spatial and statistical analysis of such datasets, and complimentary course manuals*.

Using electronic educational media and technology in web-based learning provides various advantages over the classical classroom education. Not only it is self-paced and flexible but also suited to distant learners and often only requires registration. This makes it easy for anyone, anywhere, to access our educational tools and start learning today!

*Please be aware that all manuals are under continuous development and should be used with caution and not be distributed widely.

About the course(s)

Using R to read, visualise and analyse spatial data has many benefits, ranging from being able to handle large datasets to perform a wide range of geostatistical, ecological and environmental data analysis.

Currently we offer a course on 'SpatialR', originally taught by Bradley Evans and Daisy Englert Duursma as part of the Genes to Geosciences Research Enrichment Program at Macquarie University. The course manual including short exercises and is available here.

Equipment requirements

All eMAST related manuals and courses offered require a background in R. However, astute R programmer might notice that some terminology has been simplified, mainly for reasons of clarity.

To install R go here, click on the download link at the top, and then ’base’, and finally download the installer. Run the installer, and simply press OK on all windows (if  you will be using Rstudio, the settings here don’t matter).

RStudio is a powerful for R. To download the RStudio software for your Desktop go here.

How to enrol

To enrol into the eMAST course 'SpatialR' simply register here.