Models and tools

To enhance the integration of high-quality observations into modelling applications, improve and assess the models used in ecosystem science, eMAST utilizes and develops a wide range of models, web interfaces, open-source tools and software packages.

SPEDDEXES, for instance, was only recently developed to allow its users to easily query, extract and visualise national spatial ecosystem datasets. However, this unique tool not only facilitates the use of data across various disciplines but also significantly simplifies sharing of large datasets. To start exploring the vast possibilities provided by SPEDDEXES  try out the prototype of the web interface at


To generate high-resolution data products accessible via eMAST and SPEDDEXES ANUClimate 1.0 was, amongst others, developed; a spatial model that integrates a new approach to the interpolation of Australia's national point climate data to produce climate variables on a 0.01° grid.

Furthermore, eMAST developed an R and phyton package 'emast' for the computation and visualisation of bioclimatic indices, an R-package 'ePiSaT' to model Gross Primary Production, and integrates and state-of-the-art data assimilation system for ecosystem model optimisation.