eMAST R-package 2.0

DEVELOPERS   Rhys Whitley, Wan Han, Bradley Evans (Macquarie University), Julie Pauwels (Agrocampus Ouest, France), I. Colin Prentice (Imperial College, UK)
APPLICATION in eMAST   Computation of 54 climate indices.

The eMAST R-package provides a convenient software tool for the computation of 54 climate indices. Using the eMAST R-package, which was developed by researchers from Macquarie University (Rhys Whitley, Julie Pauwels, Wan Han, Bradley Evans, I. Colin Prentice), gridded bioclimatic information from mean monthly temperature, total monthly precipitation and the fraction of monthly sunshine hours can be determined. The incorporated ANUClimate-package calculates the 27 ANUClimate bioclimatic indices defined by Michael Hutchinson and Tingbao Xu from maximum and minimum monthly temperature, total monthly precipitations and mean monthly radiation. To determine the total amount of radiation at the top of the atmosphere and the fraction of monthly sunlight hours given a gridded data-set of incoming solar short-wave radiation the package sunshine (Rhys Whitley, Wan Han, Bradley Evans) was included as well. This radiation function is taken from the Biome4 model developed Jed Kaplan and I. Colin Prentice.

The climate indices generated are based on national grids of daily and monthly temperature, precipitation, radiation and vapour pressure, and are listed here.

Rhys Whitley, Bradley Evans, Julie Pauwels, Michael Hutchinson, Tingbao Xu, Wang Han, 2014, The eMAST R-Package, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia.