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SOFTWARE TOOL   Spatially Explicit Data Discovery, Extraction and Evaluation Service - SPEDDEXES
CONTRIBUTERS   TERN, the Bureau of Meteorology, National Computational Infrastructure, Geoscience Australia, CSIRO, IMOS, UNSW, University of Queensland, Macquarie University, INTERSECT, AEKOS, AusPlots, The Australian National University, NSW Government Department of Environment and Heritage
APPLICATION   Better manage and access the Big Data.

The Spatially Explicit Data Discovery, Extraction and Evaluation Service – SPEDDEXES is a new open source tool that enhances the way ecosystem scientists discover and query data from multiple sources based on spatial, temporal and thematic parameter. SPEDDEXES was developed during a weeklong workshop or ‘Hackfest’ in 2014 at the INTERSECT facilities in Sydney, Australia. The workshop was coordinated by the Australian Centre for Ecological Analysis & Synthesis (ACEAS) and led by Bradley Evans (eMAST, University of Sydney) and Siddeswara Guru (TERN, University of Queensland).

The establishment of SPEDDEXES is based on the ever-growing amount of data generated in Australian ecosystem science and the related need to better manage ‘Big Data’ (large gridded datasets), and to improve their discoverability and accessibility by the community.

SPEDDEXES is not just another data access tool, but one that is developed by the community addressing the needs of the end-user using existing components that are known to work well on Australia’s eResearch facilities and networks. To discover, query, extract and visualise national spatial datasets, as well as add data to the system, SPEDDEXES uses an online web-interface making it a highly convenient tool for data contributors and users.

The National Computing Infrastructure (NCI) has deployed SPEDDEXES into its partner cloud, and has integrated it into the central datasets collection described above. The SPEDDEXES application uses the NCI's central datasets collection, dap.nci.org.au, as it's back-end data source.

The SPEDDEXES Prototype can be found here.

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