Observations and data products

eMAST assembles data sets from a variety of resources including flux tower and remote sensing data, as well as data from other TERN facilities such as AusCover and EcoInformatics. By assembling and constructing key data sets and tools, eMAST is facilitating ecosystem modelling experiments and data-model comparison to enhance the performance and credibility of ecosystem models, and demonstrate their value to the wider community.

One of eMAST's underlying goals is to bring "observations to models" and create "a new generation of ecosystem models" that are "benchmarked with the best available ecological data".

eMAST will provide daily and monthly data on the main climate variables such as temperature, precipitation, radiation and vapour pressure, that are needed to drive ecosystem models at a spatial resolution of ~ 1km (0.01°) across the Australian continent.

The analysis conducted by Michael Hutchinson and his team at the ANU underpinning these national climate grid set a new standard in terms of spatial coverage and accuracy. The analyses have made full use of the historical Bureau of Meteorology data by developing a new regression-based procedure for obtaining standard period means for stations with short records. The analyses have also incorporated the impacts of proximity to the coast on temperature and have refined the impacts of topography on precipitation. Finally, the analyses incorporate comprehensive semi-automated error checking and quality assurance processes on all data sets. The generation of data sets is approaching it's completion and are available to the community via the National Computing Infrastructure data service delivery system currently hosted on dap.nci.org.au. A second, public facing tool called SPEDDEXES exposes the data through a "discovery" tool.


ANUClimate 1.0Gridded daily and monthly climate values, useful for most research purposesDATASET ACCESS
eMAST R Package 2.0Bioclimatic indices, useful for ecophysiological and ecological studies as well as a range of other practical applicationsDATASET ACCESS
AWRAAustralian Water Resources Assessment modelling from CSIRO, useful for ecohydrological researchDATASET ACCESS