eMAST stocking up on collaborations

TERN's Ecosysyem Modelling and Scaling Infrastructure - eMAST - is supporting Australian Research through a number of project collaborations. The collaborations range from spatial model development and assisting in the development of a grape yield prediction tool that is providing grower with accurate predictions, to supporting the development of an integrated vertebrate pest management tool.

eMAST's collaboration with Macquarie University, the Treasury Wine Estates and the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries in the project "Accurate and early yield predictions through advance statistical modelling" was just recently highlighted in the TERN November 2014 newsletter. Amongst other factor, yields are influenced by weather up to 18 months prior to harvest, leading to a substantially varying crop on a yearly basis. In the project a new tool will be developed to model interactions of multiple variables that potentially affect grape yields to create an accurate and easy way for growers to predict their yield. A model that considers multiple growth and performance factors does not exist yet, why this new tool will be crucial for growers economic considerations.

eMAST also supports the CSIRO with its "Genomic Basis for Adaption to Climate Change" project by providing the fine-resolution climate data needed to tailor environmental predictors of species distribution. By accounting for the potentially changing relationship between species and their environment as climate change the CSIRO is hoping to better understand where species and populations may persist for longer in the landscape.

For further information on the individual collaborations visit the eMAST collaboration websites.